The Story of The Unique Sheep

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This book is now available for order! 

Elizabeth the Sheep is inspired by all of the beautiful colors on the farm. After looking at all the different colors, she decides that her white fleece is the perfect canvas. You won't believe what happens next--- Elizabeth dyes herself in all the colors of the farm!

This illustrated children's book is a celebration of creativity as well as an education in colors, farm animals and the process of turning wool into yarn. While ideal for children ages 3-7, older children will still be interested in the yarn making process and the beginner knitting patterns.

All of the animals and most of the scenes in the book are based on real life on Square Peg Farm, a small farm in Kentucky owned by Laura (one half of The Unique Sheep). The book is illustrated and written by Laura's mother in law, Dianne. 

Don't forget to order the kits below to make the knitted accessories inspired by Elizabeth's story! Patterns are included in the book. 

Click here for more information on the e-book. If you purchase the print book, the e-book is included for free. But of course, you don't have to download the e-book files if you don't want to!