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Fiber Content: 100% Superwash Merino
Lace Weight
Care Instructions: Handwash (well, its superwash wool so technically it could be machine washed, but who machine washes lace?)

This soft merino lace yarn takes color more intensely than any of our other lace yarns. Because it is superwash wool you don't have to worry about it felting in your hands while you work with it (especially if you have to rip back and re-knit!) or felting from where it rubs against your body during wear.

Selene is our thickest lace weight yarn, though still much thinner than fingering weight, so make sure to order enough yardage for your project. A 100g skein or set of Selene has about 2/3 the yardage of our other lace weight yarns so you may need to order a larger set!

This yarn is soft and elastic which makes it comfortable to work with and cuddly to wear. It isn't slippery which makes it a bit easier to work with and your dropped stitches are less likely to run away. It has little to no lustre.

Because Selene takes saturated, bold colors so well we recommend this yarn for our most intense colorways though it works equally well with light colors.

Below you'll find some examples of colorways dyed on Selene but this yarn, like all of our yarn and fiber, is available in ANY of the colorways listed in the Colors section of our website. 


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