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Have you ever been told that you have to compromise? That you can't have it both ways? Well we disagree! You no longer have to choose between being able to see your intricate stitch work and working with a fun Gradiance colorway. The colorways created for the Ombre Club are designed to be subtle enough that they won't "fight" with your stitches for attention, but still fun to work with and unique enough to provide your finished product with that special touch you can only get from Gradiance colorways. 

These colorways will all be subtle shadings of one color from light to dark. The full range will be spread over 12 skeins, going all the way from white to a medium shade of the color to black. You will have the option of receiving a small set with only the light half or only the dark half, or a large set with the full range. If you order the smaller option you can use it on its own for a smaller project OR you can wait for your next shipment and use two "dark" sets together with black in the middle (or for light sets, bridge the middle with solid white). 


  light red red
red blue

For fingering weight or heavier yarns, the small shipment will include 150g of yarn divided over 6 skeins. The large shipment is 300g over 12 skeins. Lace weight yarns will be 6oz for the small option, 12oz for the large option. Roving is 6oz for small, 12oz for large. For more details about the individual yarn bases, please visit the Yarn section of our website! 

This club does not include patterns, but we will discuss pattern options in our Ravelry group


All colorways will be brand new and exclusive to current club members for at least 6 months. As a club member you can order additional skeins in any of the bases in the club exclusive colorways.

An additional shipping charge will be added during checkout since this club ships multiple times.   

Initially you will sign up for three shipments. After those three shipments (6 months) we'll send you an email to remind you to sign up again at which point you can choose the same base or switch to a different base!


**if you would like a yarn base that you don't see listed or would prefer one roving rather than an assortment, please let us know! 


Once the club begins we will post photos of previous colorways below! Make sure to click the photos to see the full range. See one that you have to have? Become a member and you can order any of the previously sent out colorways on any of our base yarns!


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