Unfortunately due to production issues at the mill, we are no longer able to offer Luxe. Verve is very similar with an almost identical twist, drape, and weight. The only difference is the small amount of sheen the silk gave to Luxe. We will be adding a new tussah silk/merino blend fingering weight to the collection soon!



Fiber Content: 25% Tussah Silk, 75% Superwash Merino
Fingering Weight
Care: May be machine washed in cool water, but for best results all hand knits should be hand washed

This yarn is much like Verve, but not quite as highly twisted. The 25% Tussah Silk adds a nice bit of luster without being shiney. This yarn is made just for The Unique Sheep and has become a favorite among our shawl knitters. We love this yarn for knitting lace patterns because it has a beautiful drape, excellent stitch definition and it blocks well.

Due to the Tussah Silk content, this yarn naturally has small "slubs" of silk, giving it a bit of texture and interest. This is not a defect in the yarn. The slubs are small and infrequent and should not cause problems with gauge or with using beads.

Below you'll find some examples of colorways dyed on this yarn but it, like all of our yarn and fiber, is available in ANY of the colorways listed in the Colors section of our website. For additional photos, type in the yarn name in the "search" bar at the top of the side bar. 




Fingering Weight , Yarn