Fourth Doctor Scarf Set

Currently Unavailable

*UPDATE: due to customer feedback that the amounts of yarn we originally included in this kit were not enough to knit the scarf, we are no longer offering it as a kit. We now recommend that you order a full skein of each color except for Davros, of which you'll need two skeins *

Ready to take on the challenge of the legendary Doctor Who Scarf? We've got the perfect yarn for you. After much research and experimentation, we have put together a kit of our Super Wool yarn in the 6 colors used for the original scarf. We recommend visiting for tons of information, including the pattern. See our blog post for more information about the development of this color series. 


This yarn set includes a total of 582g (1344yd) of Super Wool yarn divided up into 7 skeins varying from 50g - 125g. The size of each skein is based on the recommendations at + 10% extra, just in case. 


k9 skaro  davros
krynoid  voga  sarah-jane



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