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Fiber Content: 50/50 Merino & Tussah Silk
Lace Weight
Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Eos is our most popular laceweight base. I had been dyeing it for quite some time and kept wondering why people liked it so much. It is not as soft as Chasca, and does not take the dye up like Marici, and Ling. It also does not have the lustre of Marici and Ling.
Then I decided to knit with it. OH! Now I know why people order it so much! Eos feels great in your hands as you knit, and if you drop a stitch it will not ravel all the way back to the beginning like those slippery silk yarns. The finished fabric is wonderfully soft, and Eos shawls are great to wear, because they do not feel quite so delicate that you are afraid of catching a strand of yarn on something.

Eos feels much softer when knit up than in the skein.

All color choices are great on this yarn base, but keep in mind that Eos will not take the dye as saturated as some of the other bases. Even dark colors look great on Eos, but the resulting color will not be as intense or saturated. Beads will stand out nicely and add that special sparkle to your finished project.

Below you'll find some examples of colorways dyed on Eos but this yarn, like all of our yarn and fiber, is available in ANY of the colorways listed in the Colors section of our website. 


Lace Weight , Yarn