Custom Colorway

$10.00 (Excl. Tax)

In stock

Can't find anything you like? Have something different in mind? Try designing your own yarn! Choose the base yarn and the colors, decide how much yardage you want, and let us take care of the rest. Consider sending us a photo of something that inspires you and let us create a custom yarn based on your image. Or pick out paint chips from the hardware store in your favorite colors and mail them to us!

We always try our best to create the colorway that you are dreaming of, but with custom colorways there is a chance that the new colorway we create will not be exactly what you have in mind. We will email you a photo of your new colorway before we ship it so that you can approve of it or request changes. Once you have received the yarn you will have to pay shipping charges and possibly an additional fee if you want to send it back for re-dyeing.

Custom Colorways may take longer than our usual 3-4 weeks to prepare.There is an additional fee of $10 to develop each new custom colorway. Once your colorway has been created, however, you can order any of our yarns and fibers in the new colorway for our regular price. 

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