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Fiber Content: 100% Superfine Alpaca
Lace Weight
Care Instructions: Handwash

This 100% Superfine Alpaca, is very soft, and does not take the dye up anywhere near as saturated as our other yarn bases, so if you want deep color, chose another base. Light and medium colors look especially wonderful on this yarn, almost ethereal. You are welcome to order deeper colors, but they just will not come out like they do on our yarns that soak up the dye solution.

It is also the thinnest of our lace weight choices so your finished shawl might be a little smaller than the test shawls unless you keep your gauge nice and open. Your knit fabric will be delicate, and will show off beads nicely since this yarn is not shiny.

Chasca is light and delicate- lace made out of it almost feels like it could float in the air! But because it is 100% alpaca it is surprisingly warm, especially when bunched up around your neck.

Below you'll find some examples of colorways dyed on Chasca but this yarn, like all of our yarn and fiber, is available in ANY of the colorways listed in the Colors section of our website. 


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