10th Anniversary



The Unique Sheep is turning TEN this summer! We can’t believe we made it this far! It seems like just yesterday that we were tentatively putting our first Gradiance colors up on a ramshackle website, hoping that someone might place an order. I don’t think either of us dared to dream that ten years later people would still be buying our yarn! The Unique Sheep has survived changes in the fiber arts community and major changes in both of our lives (several moves, many job changes for our spouses and the birth of Laura’s first child, Connor).kellybrown

But through it all we keep dyeing yarn and- miraculously- you all keep buying it! We can’t express how GRATEFUL we are for all of you. Both of us see every order than comes in. We take note of your names and often remember your color preferences. In a small way, we have been part of your Christmases and birthdays. We’ve been with you on your summer vacations and winter hibernations. We have been honored to dye yarn for your weddings, christenings and your prayer shawls.


laura_speckledTo celebrate this anniversary we have dyed up two special new colorways that we are offering as kits. We had the Take it All pattern in mind when we made the kits, but of course you can use the yarn for other patterns as well (see yarn amounts below). Both colorways are complete rainbows, going from pink/red through purples, blues and greens and ending with yellow. Two different contrast colors are available for each set so make sure to select the one you prefer when you order!



New in 2017


As the year comes to a close we are busy working on new things to offer in 2017. While you won’t see them on the website quite yet, we wanted to give you a heads up that they are coming so you can keep them in mind as you plan your 2017 knitting! 

Our focus in 2017 is going to be KITS. There are so many great patterns out there that would look awesome in Unique Sheep yarn but many of them take unusual or awkward yardage amounts or Gradiance sets that don’t quite work with our standard sets. We have picked a few of our favorites and are currently having samples worked up so we know exactly how much yarn to put in the kits. A few that we are working on are: 

Jujuy by Joji Locatelli

On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg

Of the Forest by Larissa Brown

Take it All by Lisa Hannes

Inara by Ambah O’Brien

You can see some of the other patterns we are considering here.


We will also be doing some kits that use yarns that aren’t part of our regular line up. Sometimes we come across a yarn that is special. Maybe there isn’t much of it available, or it looks great in some colorways but awful in others. Or maybe its just a yarn that is perfect for a certain pattern but not going to have mass appeal for others. For whatever reason, these yarns aren’t a good fit for our regular yarn line but are perfect for kits. Keep an eye out for a yarn made with yak and silk, yarns made from locally sourced wool, one with a bit of extra glitz and another with a “tweed” style. We posted our first kit like this a week or two ago and had a great response from you guys. Thanks for helping us sell out in record time! 


We are having a lot of fun picking out patterns, experimenting with new yarns and working on new colors. We hope you’ll enjoy what we come up with! Please remember, though, that all of these kits will have LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Our plan is to dye them ahead of time and then put a cap on how many can be ordered. Once they are sold out they will be gone! We may offer something similar (like the same pattern in different colors or yarn bases) later but not an exact repeat. So if you see something you like don’t hesitate to order! We generally make announcements about new kits on our Facebook page first followed by an emailed newsletter. 

Ombre Club



Have you ever been told that you have to compromise? That you can’t have it both ways? Well we disagree! You no longer have to choose between being able to see your intricate stitch work and working with a fun Gradiance colorway. The colorways created for the Ombre Club are designed to be subtle enough that they won’t “fight” with your stitches for attention, but still fun to work with and unique enough to provide your finished product with that special touch you can only get from Gradiance colorways. 

light red red

These colorways will all be subtle shadings of one color from light to dark. The full range will be spread over 12 skeins, going all the way from white to a medium shade of the color to black. When you sign up for this club you can get the light half, the dark half or the full range. 

red blue

What is really fun about this club are the different ways you can use the colors. Order the full range and you can knit from light to dark, just the way they are dyed. OR select the “Light Side” option and each shipment you’ll receive a set that goes from white to the medium shade of a different color. After you have collected a couple of sets, pair them together to shade from one color to white and then out to a totally different color. The “Dark Side” works the same but with black in the middle.

light red red blue

Have really BIG project in mind? Knit the Full Range of one color and when you get to black bridge over the black end of the next color. You could go on like that forever (and remember your project doesn’t have to be huge if you just use part of each skein).

What other ways can you think of to use these colors? We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Get all the details and sign up HERE

Colors from the Final Frontier


With Dragoncon coming up later this week it seems like a good time to reveal a new colorway collection inspired by some of our favorite space explorers. While we are known for our dramatic Gradiance colorways, sometimes its nice to go back to the simple things in life– solid colors and vintage tv. See if you can figure out where we found the inspiration for each color– the names may give you a clue!Riker

Visit our website to find out more!

These colors were first dyed up by Kelly to make a baby blanket for Laura’s little Connor. Attendees at our annual retreat made the blocks and then surprised Laura with it. Before Connor was born, Laura and Chris nicknamed him “Riker” since he is their “Number 1”. Photo of the blanket (and cute recipient) below!


New Yarn: Organic Cotton Petite DK


One of our long term goals for The Unique Sheep is to have more of our yarns be 100% produced in the USA. Currently many of them are milled in the US, but most of the raw material still comes from out of the country (Australia and New Zealand mostly). While we don’t mind supporting Australian and New Zealander producers, if we could source our materials from closer to home then we wouldn’t have to have it shipped half way across the world, thereby reducing our carbon foot print. Our Fresh From the Farm Collection is our first step in this direction but is, unfortunately, always very limited in quantities. Finally though we have a yarn that is available in large quantities at a competitive price and is 100% grown, processed, milled and dyed right here in the USA. Please meet our newest base yarn, Organic Cotton Petite DK. 

baby boy

Organic Cotton Petite DK is almost exactly the same as our now discontinued Pima Petite with the exception of being from the US and being organic. Same soft feel, stout twist and great colors. The gauge is the same so you can use it for the same projects as you have used Pima Petite in the past, but with the comforting knowledge that the yarn you are using is now better for the environment!

Like all of our yarns, Organic Cotton Petite DK is available in both Gradiance and regular colorway and can be purchased in several different sized sets/skeins. And, of course, if you need a quantity not listed on the website just email us and we can put together a custom order. 

Our long running Rubber Ducky Club will now feature Organic Cotton Petite DK instead of Pima Petite. We are also changing the yarn options for Rubber Ducky to allow you to receive larger skeins! 

Valentine Inspired Knits


Love is in the air and no matter how you are celebrating I think we can all agree on one thing— we all love knitting! 

Celebrate your love of knitting with one of these Unique Sheep patterns


Bashful Butterflies


Instead of a bouquet of roses, perhaps your sweetheart would like a shawl inspired by roses

Climbing Roses


Damask Rose











These two scarves uses a unique twisted stitch that reminds us of a tight hug!

Carrefours Scarf



Ribbons of Hope













For a subtle touch of romance, these men’s socks feature small hearts in colorwork around the ankle. 

Slip Him a Hickey


Gaia’s Garter is a quick and easy project to add a bit of fun to your Valentine’s day celebration!

Gaia's Garter

How to make a Pinterest Board for your favorite Unique Sheep colorways


We have a lot of colorways. It can be overwhelming trying to pick out a color for your next project or KAL. My favorite way to organize color ideas for a project is to use a Pinterest Board. If you aren’t on Pinterest, it is easy and free to join here

To set up a new board on Pinterest, go to pinterest.com and click on your name in the upper right corner to go to your account page. Click on the “Create a board” icon. Set up your board something like this: pinterest1


Now that you have a board set up, you can start adding things to it. Find a colorway that you like on our website. I picked one of our new colorways, Smoke & Spice. There are numerous ways to Pin from the web. The easiest way is to add a Pin It button to your browser. Some images come with a Pin It button in the top left corner of the picture. Click that button, or click the Pin It button in your browser tool bar. 


A Pinterest window will pop up asking you where you want to save this Pin. Make sure you save it to your new board so that you can find it again! 


Once you’ve saved your pin, you can see it at anytime by visiting your Favorite Colorways board. It’ll look something like this:



Once you’ve added all of your favorite colorway, you’ll be able to easily browse through them to decide which one you want to use next!!



Another way to use Pinterest to organize your colorways is to set up a board for a specific project. For example, we have an Inspiration board set up for our Snow Queen KAL where we’ve pinned images that inspire us as well as some of our favorite icey colorways. 

Follow The Unique Sheep’s board Snow Queen on Pinterest.





p.s. also make sure to follow us on Pinterest. We often post inspiration boards for our clubs and new colorways as well as pattern suggestions and photos of Unique Sheep projects from out customers. If you’d like to share a project that you have made with Unique Sheep yarn, send  

Gradiance Sweaters


This morning a customer emailed me asking for suggestions of sweater patterns to use with Gradiance sets. We haven’t developed any sweater patterns for our yarn yet, but some of our customers have adapted other patterns to our yarn with wonderful results. I searched Ravelry and found some projects that are too beautiful not to share:

Karinamaza’s Sunbleached

CreationbyDawn’s Sugar Maple

Beeberino’s # 128 Top down Trapeze Pullover

Edmoejewel’s Sugar Maple

Lobug’s Ruth’s Tunic

Toricon’s Featherweight Cardigan


Have you knit a sweater with Unique Sheep yarn? If so, we’d love to see pictures! 



Follow The Unique Sheep’s board Out in the World on Pinterest.

Four Seasons of Shawls

Last year we had a club called Four Seasons of Shawls. The time has finally come to make all four patterns available to the public! Each of these patterns can be purchased on our website or via Ravelry. We also have the colorways they were originally designed for available on our website. Or see how they look in a different colorway! 

Spring Flow

Originally knit in Tinsel Toes, this triangular shawl has a fun texture and a lovely drape. Whether you see it as melting snow or growing vines, the zig-zag pattern is just the thing to energize your spring!

Victoria (Summer)

Our summer shawl is light and airy in laceweight Ling. A splash of brilliant color in the shade of tulips- halfway between red and pink- makes for a pretty accessory even when it is too hot for a heavier shawl. 

Shades of Autumn

Rectangular shawls are perfect for Autumn since they work well as a light cover across your shoulders on crisp evenings or as a thick scarf for days when the weather turns frosty. Inspired by heads of wheat ready for harvest, this shawl would work equally well as a representation of new growth if knit in the colors of spring.

Singular Snowflake (Winter)

Cozy evenings knitting by the fire call for thick, squishy wool and a pattern that is interesting enough to keep you from drifting off. The Singular Snowflake pattern gives a multitude of patterning options- different cast ons, lace stitches and bind offs- so that no two blocks are exactly the same. Knit in Super Wool Aran it is a fun fast knit! 





You can call it Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday but mostly we are just THANKFUL to have you as a customer! 

25% OFF*
*any yarn on our Available Now list

We are offering a HUGE discount on all yarn that we currently have in inventory. We have never had a sale like this before and we are really excited to offer it! Simply pick your yarn from our Available Now list, add it to your shopping cart like usual and enter code “GIVETHANKS” when you check out. Sale runs until Monday, Nov 28. 

Normally orders can take some time to fill since we dye to order but this sale is for yarn fro our AVAILABLE NOW list which means it will ship immediately! Which means it will get to you in time to be knit or crocheted up into a special holiday gift or something for you to wear to a holiday party! Our yarn also makes a great gift for the knitter, crocheter or weaver on your gift list!

Fine Print: this discount is ONLY valid on items from our current inventory. Because of the way our website is set up, we can’t create a coupon that will only take a discount off those yarns so we have to rely on you to only add items from that list to your shopping cart when you use this coupon. If you purchase other items with this coupon, we will either refund that part of your order or bill you for the extra amount. That is extra “paperwork” for us and doesn’t do you any good, so please play fair and only use this coupon on items from the AVAILABLE NOW list! This discount cannot be used on patterns, clubs or shipping. 

Fresh from the Farm Collection



We are excited to bring you the next installment of our most exclusive line of yarn ever, the Fresh from the Farm Collection! This shipment will be 100% pure Shetland wool from our fawn colored sheep, Kaylee, Kelly, Liisu and Etta.


This batch of yarn is spun in the lopi style as fat singles. It is soft and squishy and will knit up fast for cozy winter accessories. 


Once we sell out, this yarn will be gone for good! Mark your calendars and set your alarms, at 6pm on Sept 21st you can grab your skein(s) HERE

Sample Sale

We need to clear out space so we are auctioning off some of the samples we don’t use much. The auction will occur on our Facebook page and all profits will be donated to charity. All items have been hand knit or crocheted using Unique Sheep yarn and patterns. 


All the items up for auction have been posted in this photo album on Facebook. Starting bid will be set at the cost of the yarn.


To place a bid, click on the photo of the item you want and comment with your offer. The highest bid by 8pm  (ET) Friday Sept 16 will win the item and will be contacted via PM to arrange payment and shipping. If you believe that you have won an item do not hear from us within 24 hours please email us at orders@theuniquesheep.com (some people’s privacy settings on Facebook make it impossible for us to private message them). 

These samples have been used for photos and occasionally displayed at fiber festivals. Shawls may have been worn by Kelly and Laura while at festivals but the socks are all unworn, though some of them may be a bit stretched out from being displayed on sock blockers (they will bounce back after being washed)

Velveteen Colorways


Our next Mystery Shawl Knit-a-Long is inspired by the Velveteen Rabbit. Designer Janine le Cras is hard at work on the design and we have been inspired to come up with a couple of new colorways. 

A Real RabbitHere is what Kelly has to say about her new Velveteen inspired colorway: A Real Rabbit.

My color is similar to some of our others, but I wanted to give you something neutral. I also could not get my brain off from rabbits when trying to think of a new color for this KAL. I kept thinking about the pink satin bunny ears, but that really is not neutral, so thought that pink beads may be fun with this color to represent the toy bunny in the book. If you want to keep to the “Real Rabbit” theme then maybe white, or cream pearl beads might work (Bunny Tails!)? Of course Ellen is always wonderful at picking just the right bead if you want to be surprised!


Laura’s colorway is A Boy’s Bunny:

The Velveteen Rabbit is a special story for me because it is one of my favorites to read to my son. For that reason, I wanted to make a colorway that was classic “boy”, hence the soft blue. I added brown to represent the rabbit’s velveteen coat and gray to for his warn and faded patches. 


You can order the KAL in either of these colors or ANY of the colorways on our website. Visit the KAL page for more information!

New Winter Accessories Patterns and Colorways

It may still feel hot outside but now is the perfect time to start working on cozy accessories for this winter. Quick and fun to knit, these projects are great for gift giving…or to keep for yourself! All three patterns are now available on our website or via Ravelry. The colorways that they are pictured in are also now available!

IMG_0532_mediumIce Candles Shawl
Designed by K.M. Bedigan, this open, lacey shawl is both elegant and snuggly since it is made out of our cozy Wild Thing yarn.



Embers & Snowflakes Mittensbluemitt
Designed by Janine le Cras, these classic mittens use stranded color work to create a traditional design and add warmth to the mittens. The patterning is simple enough that this is an excellent project for those new to stranded colorwork. 


Froshat3t Burn Hat
Designed by Laura Lough, the fun textured pattern on this hat is secretly super stretchy. This makes it great for gift giving since sizing is flexible, and really comfy to wear! Knit in Super Wool Aran it is also a satisfyingly fast knit!


If none of these projects strike your fancy, check out the other patterns in our Winter Accessories Collection!