Our Yarns

Handpainted yarn is unique, and there are a couple of things you need to know before you order.

  • Though we strive for consistency, handpainted yarns are works of art that vary from batch to batch. Therefore, its crucial that you order enough for your project. If you run out part of the way through a project it will be very difficult to dye up yarn that will match enough to complete your project.
  • Even in the same batch skeins can vary slightly, so if you are knitting an item that takes multiple skeins you may want to gradually move from one skein to the next by knitting a few rows of skein 1, then a few rows of skein 2, then a few more of skein 1, and so forth.
  • When shopping from the website, keep in mind that colors show up differently on different monitors and some colors are difficult to photograph accurately. This is one of the reasons that we recommend buying Unique Sheep yarn from your LYS whenever possible. And if your LYS doesn’t carry The Unique Sheep please encourage them to contact us- we are always looking for new wholesale partners!
  • All yarn ordered off the website is dyed to order. This means that, depending on the size of your order and our current work load, it can take up to three weeks for us to dye your order and have it ready for shipping. If you need your order more quickly we recommend that you buy it from one of our LYS or online partners or, if thats not possible, let us know in an email the reason for your urgency. Whenever possible we’ll try to get your order done as quickly as we can!