Environmental Impact

Kelly has plans to one day save the world, but until we figure out how to make that happen, we are trying to lessen our impact on the environment and improve the lives of our fellow humans, one skein of yarn at a time.

To lessen our negative impact on our environment we:

  • re-use water multiple times in our dyeing process
  • use recycled boxes and bags to pack and ship our yarn whenever possible
  • use recycled paper for printing our patterns, ball bands and other paper work when we can
  • conserve energy by winding our yarns by hand and drying them in the open air
  • offer an organic line of yarns, The Green Sheep Collection

We have considered using natural dyes, but it is our experience that natural dyes aren’t necessarily better for the environment. Natural dyeing often requires more water and energy and uses chemical mordants that can be dangerous to the dyer and the environment. We feel confident that the dyes we use are the most environmentally responsible option as well as safe for us to work with and for you and your loved ones to knit with and wear.

The environment is important, but so are the other people sharing it with us. We try to do our little bit to help others by donating at least 5% of our net profit to charities. Two of our favorites are Doctors without Borders and the Amani Children’s Foundation. We have created colorways inspired by each of these organizations; 50% of our sales of these colorways are donated to the organizations!

We used to use a non-toxic moth proofing agent on our yarn called Mitin FF and these skeins all had the words “Permanently Moth Proofed” on the label. We discontinued this treatment in late 2008 in an effort to make our products more eco-friendly.