Test Knitter Guidelines

If you are interested in becoming a test knitter, please read over these guidelines and then sign up for our test knitter email list

We do not add new test knitters to our group of core, tried-true-and-trusted test knitters very often. Sadly, we frequently have new test knitters disappear on us or fail to finish the projects on time, often without giving us enough warning to find a replacement. With club ship dates already published, this puts us in a real bind! So I think you’ll understand when we are a bit nervous when using new, untested test knitters. Its nothing personal, we’ve just been burnt in the past! 

When we are looking for new test knitters, we will send out an email to the test knitter email list. We always get a LOT of responses to these emails and we generally select the test knitters we need based on the following critera

1. Location– we usually select test knitters in the US (sometimes Canada) in order to save on shipping time and costs. I know that this isn’t very fair to International knitters but since we are always working within a budget and a deadline it just makes sense

2. Familiarity with Unique Sheep yarn– if you’ve bought Unique Sheep yarn before or designed with our yarn, you go to the front of the line. Extra points if you are a regular customer. Its not just that we like you because you are already part of the Unique Sheep Family, but it’s also easier to work with a test knitter who is already familiar with our Gradiance collection. 

3. Assuming you are in the US and are already a Unique Sheep customer or designer, the choice of test knitters usually comes down to who answers first. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to answer the minute that the email is sent out, but if its been more than 24 hours we’ve likely already found someone. Once we send out a test knitter email we generally have the yarn and pattern ready for shipping and want to move fast to get the test knitting process started! 

Now this last bit is important, if you respond to our call for test knitters do NOT expect an email back. I get dozens of responses when I send out a test knitter email. I usually only email back the ones that we chose to use for the project. Please don’t take it personally if you aren’t selected. Very rarely does it have anything to do with you or your knitting skills (usually I don’t know enough about you as a person or a knitter to make that sort of judgement call anyway!), but everything to do with the criteria I listed above. If you are in the US and are a Unique Sheep customer, keep responding to our emails. Its just a matter of yours being one of the first emails I read! If you aren’t a Unique Sheep customer well….that’s an easy thing to fix! If you are International and think that you have something special to offer that will make the extra time and cost of shipping worth it, let me know. We are happy to make exceptions to that rule if we have a good reason (like you are particularly skillful at a certain thing, are super fast or have a lot of experience and recommendations test knitting for others). 

Now let’s say you are one of the few people that DOES get selected as a test knitter. What next?